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Easter Brunch, for dinner

13 Apr

We mixed things up and ate at our coffee table

Out of all of the Holidays there are to celebrate I have to be honest, Easter is not my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I love pastel colors and cheesy potatoes, but growing up it was never really my cup of tea. The Easter Bunny at our country club gave me the creeps and searching for a dozen dyed eggs when you are an only child is more a form of punishment than a fun game. It also typically falls on or around my birthday, and I am not interested in being upstaged by a over-grown rabbit. However, when my roommate suggested we host an egg-dying party I decided to put my ill feelings aside and pull out the pink china.


Pinterest inspired asparagus vase of roses

I cooked a delicious ham in the crock pot (it was my first crock potting experience and I can promise there will be more to come!) I modified this recipe a little bit, using apple juice instead of pineapple juice and I added a shot or 2 of brandy. My mom always uses brandy when she makes ham, so I thought it was necessary. We also enjoyed some cheesy p’s, or as my California-raised friends refer to them “scalloped potatoes”, some yummy bread and coconut chocolate chip cookies (with no butter!).

Dye, glitter and sequence!

After dinner, it was onto the main event – egg dying. Once it was made clear I would not have to search for these eggs post dying and that there was glitter at my disposal, I was more into it.  When you add good friends and a few glasses of wine to the mix, I have to admit the whole Easter-thing is starting to look better in my eyes.  Especially since the Easter Bunny didn’t make an appearance.