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24 Feb

One of the many cherished traditions from my college days at UW Madison was “FAC”, or for those of you non-badgers, Friday After Class. Although it was always a personal goal not to schedule class on Fridays, having something to look forward to after that dreaded end of the week lecture was key. Not to mention, FAC was the perfect way to kickoff the weekend! Now well into my Sophomore Year in the “Real World” FAC has naturally transitioned into FAW – Friday After Work. ¬†Let’s face it, we all know when 5 o’clock on Friday rolls around you are ready for a glass of Chardonnay.

What started out as my roommate and I decompressing after a long work week over a glass on wine and some cheese, has transitioned into a weekly gathering that our girlfriends plan and look forward to. I’m talking themes, gourmet food and countless bottles of vino. Of course, there is still always cheese and the purpose has not changed, even from our FAC days…celebrating the weekend.

If you don’t FAW, I highly suggest you take a crack at it. But a tip from a pro, invest in some quality wine glasses, while Ikea is great their glasses don’t stand the test of time and broken glass is quite the buzz-kill! ¬†Happy Friday to you, cheers!