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13 May

Today marks Mozzarella and I’s 1 year anniversary. It was a year ago today that I fell in love with a little fur ball of cuteness in a McDonalds parking lot in PB – note to all potential puppy buyers this is not an intelligent way to purchase a puppy. All sketchiness aside, that little fur ball has become the love of my life and I can’t imagine a day without her. Happy Anniversary peanut, looking forward to many more.


Mozzarella turns 1!!

16 Mar

This past Monday (March 14th) my little girl, Mozzarella, turned 1!!!  Although it is still 2 months since the day she and I met, and subsequently fell in love, I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. We celebrated by going to the dog park (she has gotten over her fear of little dogs and has quickly become a ring-leader when it comes to playing), she also enjoyed a HUGE raw-hide bone and was spoiled with some new tennis balls and a new squeaky duck. The duck has already lost an arm and it’s stuffing, I guess somethings will never change despite Miss Motzzy’s age.

Our first photo together

Her very first squeaky toy!

First bath

During her "gangly, awkward, stage"

Happy 1st Birthday Motzzy!!! Thank you for making me get up every morning at a decent hour, forcing me to exercise whether I feel like it or not, chewing the inside of my favorite black pumps, making my giggle with your ridiculous “Mumbles and Grumbles”, being my snuggle buddy every night and loving me no matter how much wine I drink after work.



Puppy Parenting Lesson 1: Enroll in puppy school {Motzzy Tails}

18 Aug

I was debating whether or not to enroll Miss Motzzy in puppy class and after a night filled with peeing on the carpet, chewing on cable cords and general chaos I decided I was going to need a little assistance in taming this beast of mine. I looked into a few places and finally choose PetSmart, mainly because an 8 week class cost the same as a 6 week class elsewhere . I enrolled my little monster in the intro puppy class designed to teach puppies basic commands such as sit, stay, come, down, etc., provide them with a safe place to socialize with other puppies, AND provide a “support system” for new dog owners. After my night of mayhem it was the final point that got me to sign on the dotted line.

On our first day of class Motzzy was overwhelmed and thrilled to meet the other 4 puppies in her class. After peeing on the floor due to shear excitement – which of course mortified me – we were taught our first lesson….adding a Marker/Release.
We were given a clicker and every time our puppy performed a positive behavior we would “mark” that behavior with a “click” (this is equivalent to saying “good dog”). We spent the first class “loading” the clicker or “clicking and treating”:

1. Pair clicker with a treat
2. Click and treat
3. Repeat several times until your puppy is responding to the clicker
4. Wait for your puppy to look away, then click
5. Continue practicing until your puppy looks for a treat when she hears the clicker sound

This is a basic tool in teaching your dog ANY new behavior – and although I was skeptical at first, it seems to work really well!

{Motzzy Tails} Meet Miss Mozzarella

17 Aug

Being the self-proclaimed dog lover that I am, I have obviously always wanted a puppy. I grew up with 3 different Golden Retrievers and knew someday I wanted a dog to call my own. “Someday” finally came Thursday May 13th 2010. That’s the day I met and fell in love with a 2.5 pound little ball of cuteness, who at the time claimed to be a maltipoo (Maltese/Poodle mix) but as she has grown I found there is no way that is her true breed!! So I call her my “question mark” or as some boy put it “an American”. Her name is Mozzarella (in creeps my obsession with cheese), but I call her Motzzy for short. She has brought a lot of joy to my world in San Diego, along with some frustration and a new sleep schedule. (More to come)

Miss Motzzy’s first night with me; 8 weeks old