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Wisco Bling {Fab Find}

28 Sep

As a sorority girl, I attended tons of “Rep your Hood” socials throughout my college years and now that I live more than 2,000 miles away from my “hood” representing it seems more important to me than ever. This fabulous necklace designed by Maya Brenner seems like a great way keep Wisco close to my heart even when I’m so far away. It is my current obsession, and on my list of “needs” (this list is rather long)….


Fashionista Chef {Fab Find}

24 Aug

There are outfits and accessories for every occasion- even cooking!! Aprons have been around for as long as the housewife, probably longer, but this chic new trend is making the apron less about keeping your outfit clean and more about being an outfit in itself. I ADORE these cute, fabulous “kitchen accessories” creating the ultimate fashionista chef – here are a few of my faves:

1. Anthropologie‘s Bountiful Bubbles apron
2. Everyday Chic Designs‘s Damask in Black full apron (had to throw a damask pattern in)
3. Anthropologie‘s Tea-And-Crumpets apron (**My personal favorite)
4. Anthropoligie‘s Extra Ingredient apron

The Fabulous- Elizabeth Allen Atelier {Fab Find}

19 Aug

I must give credit where credit is due, this “fab find” was discovered by my fabulous roommate Miss Marianne, but it’s such a cute store I had to share!! Nestled in between the round-abouts and many amazing shops in Birdrock in La Jolla is Elizabeth Allen Atelier an adorable boutique that has shabby-chic inspired linens, beautiful jewelry, and all the fixings for the perfect baby nursery. Elizabeth Allen, the designer of all of the beautiful linens for babies to adults, can be found there and is such a sweet lady!! If you live in San Diego you must check out her store, but even if you don’t her linens are available all around the country!!

My purchases this day included a beautiful necklace and these beyond fun salad serving spoons – now I just need to throw a dinner party so I can use them!!!

Motzzy Monster even got in on the action, her aunty Marianne bought her her very first purse, a “Chewy Vuitton” inspired by the one and only Louis Vuitton – This is both Motzzy and I’s favorite toy for obvious reasons!!!