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Before & After: Table Makeover

1 Mar

If you can remember from a while back I was on the hunt for the perfect kitchen table for our new apartment. It took a few months but my fabulous roommate finally found one! I’m not going to lie, when she brought it home I was a little skeptical because it was pretty hideous!  However, after some serious sanding, a few coats of off-white paint and a reupholster job (in cow print!) our cute little kitchen felt complete.


Pink & Black Perfection {Dazzling Decor}

6 May

When I first saw this ADORABLE room on Arianna Belle I’m pretty sure I let out a squeal of pure delight and yelled “I NEED THAT COUCH!” I immediately headed over to High Gloss Magazine (a digital magazine filled with TONS of fabulous inspiration) because I needed to get the full story behind this picture of Pink Perfection. From there my jealousy only grew because this Bachelorette Pad is my ULTIMATE dream.

The dinning room has an effortless sense of elegance. I love the texture of the black chairs and cannot get enough of the framed map used as the central piece of art. This is such a wonderful way to pay tribute to a special place in a clean, classy way.

Along with being gorgeous, this kitchen really makes the most out of the alloted space. The open design is ideal for a small space and I prefer it for entertaining. Can’t you imagine all of the fabulous cocktail parties you could host in this chic pad? I am in L-O-V-E  LOVE! Be sure to get the whole scoop at High Gloss!

Dreaming of my perfect closet {Dazzling Decor}

29 Apr

I’m not going to lie I cannot wait to own a home. I know as a (recently turned) 24 year-old this milestone is a ways away,  but a girl can dream right? And I certainly do. Most often I find myself dreaming of my perfect closet. It will be a glorious walk-in, reminiscent of the closet Mr. Big built for Carrie in the Sex and the City movie. Have I mentioned that I dream big? As I wait for this dream to become a reality I figure I might as well share some elements and closet spaces that inspire me.

Ikea frames used to frame bags from favorite shopping trips

 From the closet of: Moth Design; click here to see this beauty in it’s entirety!

Table Talk {Dazzling Decor}

7 Mar

I recently moved into a new apartment (pictures to come eventually) and of course with this new apartment comes many new opportunities to decorate. My mom always dreaded when I moved in college because it always meant a new bedspread, adding a bed-side table or getting rid of one, this TV stand is too big but my other one is too small, now I need a dresser…basically I redecorated every time I signed a new lease. It’s natural to make changes to adapt to your new surroundings but I have to admit I often took it a little far. I vowed to myself not to do this with our new place…at least I plan on keeping it under control. Which brings me to my current hunt…the perfect table. We have a big, fabulous window in our kitchen that lets in amazing light all day and are thinking a rustic looking table with a bench on one side would be ideal. Here are some ideas/current obsessions…

I love the look of a rustic, “barnyard-ish” table and bench with pretty chairs – this table was seen in the apartment tour of Cupcakes and Cashmere author on Apartment Therapy

I also am a huge fan of mis-matched chairs painted all the same color. The different chair heights, backs and legs make a simple white table so interesting.  I recently saw images from Sarah Jessica Parker’s home and she did this marvelously!

I’m also in love with the vintage, French feel of these chairs. It gives the table such an elegant feel and again, I like that the chairs aren’t all matching. Looking for the perfect chairs to complete a table like this would be such a fun adventure!

These are just a few thoughts I’ve had and tables I’ve come across recently. Now we just have to see what craig’s list has to offer 🙂 Here’s to the hunt!

New Couch Pillows {Dazzling Decor}

2 Oct

A few weeks ago we decided that our living room was in need of a change, it came in the form of new pillows for the couch. Wanting to brighten things up a bit we picked 2 lime green patterned fabrics from Joanne’s as well as a bright, colorful flowered fabric. I spent a Sunday afternoon reupholstering our pillows

Miss Mozzarella wanted to show you the other set

“I Believe in Pink” {Dazzling Decor}

22 Aug

One of my all time favorite quotes is the famous “I believe in pink” quote by the one and only Audrey Hepburn. I was ecstatic when I found a wall decal on Etsy with the quote on it!! Because I live in an apartment I knew I didn’t want to put the decal directly on my wall so I came up with this simple concept and I am in LOVE with the result. A trip to Home Depot to purchase pink spray paint and a light-weight piece of wood – which the worker was kind enough to cut down to size for me – and I was ready to roll.  I already had thick black ribbon from a previous project so once my Etsy purchase came in the mail I had everything I needed to get my craft on.

First I painted the wood until the spray paint evenly covered the wood and I was satisfied with the color

Next I applied the decal to the wood following the directions that came with my purchase

Finally, I drilled 2 holes at the top of the wood and thread the ribbon through the holes to hang it.

Now I get to look at my favorite quote everyday, it looks adorable in my room and adds a nice splash of pink to my stark white walls!!!

My Beautiful Bedroom {Dazzling Decor}

20 Aug

Pink. Black. Damask.
Those three words are my current obsession. So it’s only natural that my bedroom encompass all of these elements, I love coming home to this room!!!

I love the dimension that pillows add to a bed and don’t feel having 8 on my bed is excessive at all. An arm chair is a wonderful piece of furniture to have in a bedroom; I eat my breakfast in my chair as I watch the Today Show, sit down on it to put on a pair of shoes or to read a book, and when things get hectic in the morning it is a great place to toss clothes (but I of course never do that, wink wink). Another special touch to a bedroom is a vase of fresh flowers, we try to go to the farmers market as often as possible and these beautiful dahlias are a personal favorite to add another splash of pink!!
The Details
Bedding: Target : Waverly Home Collection
Damask Armchair: T.J. Maxx
Bedside Table & Bed frame: Ikea Hemnes nightstand, Leirvik bed frame
Art: “V-J Day in Times Square”