And the Award goes to…

27 Feb

It is no secret that I LOVE to play hostess. Throwing a dinner party, having friends over for a Disney-Themed movie night or even a casual FAW, I see as opportunities to bust out the pink china, plate up some delish grub and sample fun cocktails (or white wine). The Academy Awards combines most of my favorite “F’s” – Fashion, Film and Food – add A-List celebs and champagne to the mix and we’ve got ourselves a party! Putting together a red carpet event is easier than you think, all you need is an occasion and/or theme, a fabulous invitation (I am a fan of paperless post), a yummy menu, some over-the-top simple decor and your best buds. 

Our menu consisted of fried chicken (in honor of Octavia and The Help), dragon rolls (A Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), homemade Italian Pizza (because we have access to an Italian chef), delicious cake batter popcorn and of course, Chocolate Cake (we left out the “special” ingredient). I hope your Oscars Night was filled with good food, good friends and a little bubbly!


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