One Year Later

11 Feb

It is almost impossible for me to believe but that week marked my ONE YEAR “CALI-VERSARY”.  It was one year ago that San Diego became my new home. This monumental moment naturally becomes a time of reflection, and as I sit back and take a minute to think about this past year I can’t help but feel proud of the things I’ve accomplished and excited about what the future might bring. Here’s a look back at my “Freshman Year in the Real World”

The move – As if my life wasn’t filled with enough uncertainty post-graduation from college, we decided to pack up our lives and move clear across the country. Friendless. Jobless. Homeless (ok, we had an apartment lined up, but you get the point). Not to mention this is the first time in my 23 years that I haven’t been able to jump in a car and be with my family/friends within an hour. But I did it. Being outside of my comfort zone, 2,034 miles outside of my comfort zone to be exact, was a life-choice that I am so happy I made.

I started my career – I’ve been with the Ceremony Magazine for just under a year and I’ve learned so much. I watched our magazine come to life and the fact that I helped make it possible is very rewarding. Seeing the finish product is an AMAZING feeling – take a peek!

I became a puppy parent – Miss Motzzy has added so much joy and entertainment to my life in San Diego, she has also contributed to some sleepless nights, early mornings, some frustration and a little anger but she has taught me to put something above myself. And seeing her little face, hearing her little howl and brushing her random tuft of hair makes me so happy!

I’ve learned a little more about love and heartache. I am definitely thankful for these lessons life continues to teach me, even when I don’t necessarily want to learn them at the time.

I did a little traveling – these trips mostly revolved around my beloved Wisconsin Badger Football team and a few trips home for weddings, birthdays, holidays. I hope that my Sophomore year in the real world will be filled with many more adventures, reunions with friends and Badger “W’s” (Dallas, New York, Vegas…just some thoughts)

Our Crew Labor Day Weekend in Vegas

Rose Bowl

I’ve been cooking much more…and cannot wait to continue!

I hosted my first Thanksgiving Meal. My mom and dad were out in Novemember for Thanksgiving and I planned, cooked, and bought adorable dishes for my first ever Turkey Feast. It turned out delish and I look forward to many more. (I will put up recipes eventually, promise!)

First Turkey!

Overall I would have to say that this past year forced me to grow up and be a little more independent. I can no longer call mom or dad and have them rush over to hang a shelf or figure out why there is ice in my toilet bowl. If I want a hug from one of my best-friends (other than my fabulous BFF/Roommate Marianne) I have to get on a plane and fly across the country. Not saying that I haven’t made that phone call or booked that flight but I’m happy with the place I am at and cannot wait for Sophomore year!


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