If you have FIVE Minutes…

15 Dec

In the most recent issue of Real Simple there was a great article that created a list of things you can do when you have 5 minutes to spare. There are often those mornings when I find myself a few minutes ahead of schedule (yes, I am a 5 minutes early type of person) but after reading this article I realized there are so many things you can do with those extra minutes in your day to better your home, friendships, and life. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Call your dad (or mom, or best friend)making that quick phone call every once-in-awhile to check in is something I need to improve on, especially since I am so far away from all of my loved ones…more to come on this with my “New Years Resolutions”

2. Refold your sweaters and stack them by color – this can (and should) be applied to your entire closet 🙂

3. Pick up five things and put them where they belong – it’s so easy to let your room, apartment or home get messy with all of the stuff we tend to leave laying around. Although my mother instilled in me that “there is a place for everything and everything is in its place”; I am too often guilty of trying on 10 different outfits while in a hurry to get out the door for work and neglecting to hang them back up. Taking 5 minutes to clean up the war zone makes coming home to that room so much more enjoyable…thanks mom!

4. Write a thank-you note that you’ve been putting off – or a “just saying hi” note to a friend or family member. Opening the mailbox to find a card from a friend mixed in with the bills and junk-mail is something that will never get old and always puts a smile on my face.

5. Throw out expired coupons/gather valid coupons and stash them in the glove compartmentcoupons are difficult because you never have them when you need them or they are expired or don’t work for what you are trying to purchase. One way to solve one of these issues is to keep them in your car, this way whenever you are out shopping they are with you. That’s where all of my Bed Bath and Beyond coupons live.

6. Sweep under the kitchen table or vacuum a room in the house – both tasks that I like to put off (mainly because of the chaos it creates with Motzzy monster) but in the grand scheme of things vacuuming the living room doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to do.

7. Move some random files on your computer desktop to the correct folders – this is definitely something I do at work when I have a few spare minutes, my desktop gets so cluttered.

8. Reply to 3 emails – or clean up your inbox!

9. Remove gum wrappers, receipts, and ATM slips from your purse (and anything else we gather over a few days) – like most women my purse contains my life and like most women (and our lives) it gets messy with random trash, extra lip glosses, bobby pins and earnings. I have to de-clutter at least once a week!

10. Floss your teeth!it’ll save time at your next dental appointment!

The list went on and on but it made me think, there are so many things in life I tend to put off when if I took the time to just take care of them when the thought crossed my mind it’d be a done deal. This article has brought a lot of these (and many more) tasks to my attention and I plan on using those FIVE MINUTES to my advantage.


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