Trying new things {Workin’ on my Fitness}

3 Oct

As someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy working out (I know, who really enjoys working out) I’ve put it on my “list of things to do” to try different ways to break a sweat. I danced until my senior year of high school, so it wasn’t until college that I ever had to create an exercise plan for myself. My go-to workout was to go on a run or elliptical at the gym, both do their jobs but I find them daunting and am never overly excited to spend time doing them. So a few months ago Marianne and I joined a gym using a trial membership through Groupon (if you don’t get your Groupon on I would highly recommend it) and I took my first yoga class at Wave House Athletic Club. Let me rephrase that, I fell in love with yoga. I love that it works your body and your mind, it isn’t militaristic and painful but at the same time it is an amazing workout, plus you start and end each class relaxing, sometimes you even get some sort of massage…my kind of workout!!

Another workout that was on that “list” was to take a spin class…just to see if I hated it, maybe I would find out that I loved it as much as I’ve grown to love yoga. I crossed this off of the list yesterday and the verdict is still out. I definitely didn’t hate it and while Spin is completely different than my peaceful, zen yoga practice I think it could add a nice balance to this weekly routine I am trying to build. I will say I don’t think I have ever sweat so much in an hour in my life!! I will keep you posted on how Spin Class and I’s relationship progresses…


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