“I Believe in Pink” {Dazzling Decor}

22 Aug

One of my all time favorite quotes is the famous “I believe in pink” quote by the one and only Audrey Hepburn. I was ecstatic when I found a wall decal on Etsy with the quote on it!! Because I live in an apartment I knew I didn’t want to put the decal directly on my wall so I came up with this simple concept and I am in LOVE with the result. A trip to Home Depot to purchase pink spray paint and a light-weight piece of wood – which the worker was kind enough to cut down to size for me – and I was ready to roll.  I already had thick black ribbon from a previous project so once my Etsy purchase came in the mail I had everything I needed to get my craft on.

First I painted the wood until the spray paint evenly covered the wood and I was satisfied with the color

Next I applied the decal to the wood following the directions that came with my purchase

Finally, I drilled 2 holes at the top of the wood and thread the ribbon through the holes to hang it.

Now I get to look at my favorite quote everyday, it looks adorable in my room and adds a nice splash of pink to my stark white walls!!!


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