Puppy Parenting Lesson 1: Enroll in puppy school {Motzzy Tails}

18 Aug

I was debating whether or not to enroll Miss Motzzy in puppy class and after a night filled with peeing on the carpet, chewing on cable cords and general chaos I decided I was going to need a little assistance in taming this beast of mine. I looked into a few places and finally choose PetSmart, mainly because an 8 week class cost the same as a 6 week class elsewhere . I enrolled my little monster in the intro puppy class designed to teach puppies basic commands such as sit, stay, come, down, etc., provide them with a safe place to socialize with other puppies, AND provide a “support system” for new dog owners. After my night of mayhem it was the final point that got me to sign on the dotted line.

On our first day of class Motzzy was overwhelmed and thrilled to meet the other 4 puppies in her class. After peeing on the floor due to shear excitement – which of course mortified me – we were taught our first lesson….adding a Marker/Release.
We were given a clicker and every time our puppy performed a positive behavior we would “mark” that behavior with a “click” (this is equivalent to saying “good dog”). We spent the first class “loading” the clicker or “clicking and treating”:

1. Pair clicker with a treat
2. Click and treat
3. Repeat several times until your puppy is responding to the clicker
4. Wait for your puppy to look away, then click
5. Continue practicing until your puppy looks for a treat when she hears the clicker sound

This is a basic tool in teaching your dog ANY new behavior – and although I was skeptical at first, it seems to work really well!


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