{Motzzy Tails} Meet Miss Mozzarella

17 Aug

Being the self-proclaimed dog lover that I am, I have obviously always wanted a puppy. I grew up with 3 different Golden Retrievers and knew someday I wanted a dog to call my own. “Someday” finally came Thursday May 13th 2010. That’s the day I met and fell in love with a 2.5 pound little ball of cuteness, who at the time claimed to be a maltipoo (Maltese/Poodle mix) but as she has grown I found there is no way that is her true breed!! So I call her my “question mark” or as some boy put it “an American”. Her name is Mozzarella (in creeps my obsession with cheese), but I call her Motzzy for short. She has brought a lot of joy to my world in San Diego, along with some frustration and a new sleep schedule. (More to come)

Miss Motzzy’s first night with me; 8 weeks old



3 Responses to “{Motzzy Tails} Meet Miss Mozzarella”


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